**All products are complied with Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH)**

Goods Hoist / Lift

This low cost mode of vertical transportation has very simple operating systems, and can be called to all floors easily. Its electromechanical door lock uses double contact switches, which provides high level of safety during transportation. An instantaneous safety brake system is also installed to further enhance safety. Square type push buttons are vandal proof. Mild or stainless steel liftway is possible, upon request.

Freight Elevator


Scissors Lift

This electro-hydraulically operated scissors lift is able to lift goods vertically on an elevator platform to any required height with a touch of button. Detachable safety rail, safety trip frame, and emergency pressure check valve is also available as part of the safety mechanism, upon request.

Overhead Travelling Crane (OTC)

Utilises idle overhead space to construct robust lifting crane which able to lift steel mould, raw material, etc

The crane may be single or double girder, upon request.

Large capacity, span, and lifting speed.

Operations can also be remote controlled.

Monorail Hoist / A Frame

Jib Crane

Portal Crane

Overlifting Devices


This electro-hydraulically operated dockleveler, with its pivoting extension lip design, compensates the level differences between transport vehicle and loading dock. This assures safe and economic loading and unloading of goods. This is a very efficient way of loading and unloading container goods, cutting loading time to approximate 2 minutes per container. The system is mainly designed for tail loading of transport vehicles, and will automatically return to its neutral position. It can handle cross traffic loaded up to 20,000kg, and has a simple one push button handling. Hot galvanizing is also a possible option.

Dockshelter & Dockseal

Truck Restraint & Rubber Fenders

Banner Lifter

Rapid Auto-Roll Doors

You can drive your forklift thorough the Auto-Roll Door without even have to slow down you forklift. The door open up in approximate 2 seconds.

This is to prevent heat loss, better control on environments pollutants such as insects, dust, etc.

PVC Strip Door

Strip door and industrial barriers fabricated from TTLIM's vinyl strip and sheet material can help save energy, improve worker comfort safety and protect valuable products any equipment in virtually and industry

Inflatable Container Truck Dock Shelter / Door

Designed for door openings up to 10'0"W x 10'0"H , the Dock Shelter is the optimum solution where a fixed frame shelter is not feasible and a varietry of different height and width trailers are serviced. The Dock Shelter is uniquely designed to provide complete access to the trailer openings. Ideal for problem dock areas such as sloped and difficult driveway approaches. Excellent for installation on metal sided building walls.

Mezzanine Floor System

Additional mezzanine floor can be build on top of conventional pallet racking thus maximising floor space.

Floor loading can be design to specified requirement. This system offers the most economical solution yet practical

Steel Structures

Container Rubber Fender

Crane Overload Protection

Electrical Conductor System

Remote Control